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With Bettersea, it's possible:
to prevent water pollution,
obtain datas/specimen &
collect solar energy.


Bettersea is a solar-powered floating station equipped with batteries and a computer that cleans water from hazardous substances, collects biological samples and data on water quality and produces clean energy.

Bettersea is equipped with a skimmer filtrating system that hosts filters produced by certified third parties for cleaning water from hydrocarbons, chemicals, microplastics, and radiations. It can host different accessories (such as a 360° camera, weather station, eDNA filter, GPS and SATCOM) and sensors (such as multispectral fluorometric, pH, hydrophone and gamma-ray spectrometer).

The filtrating system can be separated from the floating station and installed on any other buoyant structure supplied with electrical energy.

Different filters for pollution

The unique feature of this skimmer is its versatility; in addition to filtering hydrocarbons, thanks to the use of different filters (still under development) it can also filter microplastics and where water is contaminated, even radiation and chemicals.

The simplicity of the design enables for intuitive maintenance, and thanks to filters of various sizes and durations, it can be choosen the best option that better suits the circumstances


Pollution in the sea is constantly moving due to currents and other natural and non-natural phenomena. Thanks to data, today, it is possible to identify, solve and predict problems of all kinds.

We are working on a platform that will collect data on weather conditions and water quality. In addition, the device can collect environmental-DNA specimen that allows us to detect life forms living nearby. The collection of this data will allow us to have a mapping and analysis of the health of our seas, as well as the life forms that host them.

The buoy can integrate multiple additional functions, such as the following sensors and accessories:

Fluorimetric sensors; Electroconductivity; hydrophone sensor; 360° camera; Weather station; GPS and satellite communication; e-DNA filter pump.

Consuming lands is still pollution

Bettersea is an in-progress project for the production of clean energy alongside cleaning the seas. Thanks to the continuously improving modular structure and the study of solid and flexible joints (see reef pontoons), we are working on the possibility of creating floating solar fields for in inland waters, harbours and protected gulfs.

Placing solar panels on the sea surface not only increase their efficiency but it also ensures the further advantage of producing energy without consuming land.

In 2030, Solar Power Europe and Free Coordination predict that floating photovoltaics will reach 62 gigawatts and nearly 80 when added to wind power.

How bettersea is made

Taking out the electronics, Bettersea is made through the use of 3D printers, waste materials from the petroleum industry, aluminum profiles and wood sheets, paying particular attention to the final sustainability of the product.

We are working on a model made through the prevalent use of technologies such as CNC milling machines and plasma cutting, which can speed up and decentralize production as well as make it more economically sustainable