powered by Tuma Studio & Veracura

Tuma Studio Benefit Corp.

TUMA STUDIO is a Purpose Driven Design & Innovation Company highly specialized in product design and digital fabrication.

We have a motto that guides us in every context:


  1. We design and manufacture products designed to solve social and environmental problems.
  2. We produce customized CNC machinery to improve the productivity of artisans and the manufacturing industry.
  3. We assist startups and enterprises in the conception, design and production of cutting-edge products.
  4. We conduct training in product design, sustainable design and digital fabrication, for adults and children.
  5. We carry out initiatives to raise awareness of the issue of planned obsolescence and the use of digital fabrication as a means to counter it.

veracura Trust Onlus

Veracura is a new model, unique in its kind: a progressive social and environmental impact accelerator.

By using innovation, business and marketing as forms of activism, we create our own projects and help non-profit organizations and large companies to increase their positive impact.

In a nutshell, we are a Global Business and Marketing Innovation Company, not for private profit.

Our purpose is to generate profit for projects so as to improve the condition of the planet and its inhabitants.

Veracura represents a group of people united by a keen concern for social and environmental issues. Over the years, we all transposed this sensitivity to our workplaces and research interests.

A shared vision and mutual respect unite us in our commitment to develop what we believe in: the common good.

Our big virtual dream? Becoming a DAO, as soon as possible. WAGMI!